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Swimming Pools - ASProject Overview
A private apartment complex located in Alice Springs with a large outdoor swimming pool and a smaller toddler pool. Both pools are salt water chlorinated and have a combined total water volume of 220,000 litres. The pools were operating with three existing 2.2kw 240v pool pumps and sand filters.
The owners of the apartment complex were spending approximately $8,000 per year on pumping costs alone and $2,000 every three years on pump replacement. The original layout of the plant room presented accessibility and OH&S issues.
Photon Solar – Active Electrical installed three LORENTZ PS1800 Solar Pool Pumps, each with 3kw for a total of 9kw of solar and a PP2000 Power Pack, to allow for switching to mains supply if required.
The plant was re-plumbed with ease of access to pumps in mind and remote isolation switches, to improve convenience and safety during maintenance and backwash.
The LORENTZ pumps were sized to turn over the pool volume four and half times a day on solar alone. Grid back up was fitted to ensure filtration was available before and after open hours and during periods of extended rain and cloud, all of which was set up to be fully automated.
The owners were extremely impressed with the water quality and clarity, and the reduction in chemical use greatly improved the feel of the pool water.
This was achieved by providing higher filtration rates without an energy cost penalty for the customer. This will have the added benefit of cost saving on chemicals and general pool maintenance over time. The expected payback to the customer will be under three years.

Bore Pump installation in Canberra

We installed this bore pump for a retirement village in Canberra recently. It fills the adjacent tank which, in turn, is pumped out to the irrigation system.

Bore stats: 55m deep, SWL (Standing Water Level) 24m, Flow rate 0.8L per second

Pump Stats: Pumpmaster ST05-19 submersible bore pump, 0.75hp (0.55kW), nominal 30lpm flow.

Customer stats: Happy.

Click the link to see the video:

Lorentz Solar Pump at Braidwood

 This Lorentz Solar pump system draws from a beautiful spring fed dam east of Braidwood. It cosists of 3000 watts of solar array along with a submersible centrifugal pump floated under a welded poly pontoon. The Clenergy pole mounts provide a simple, adjustable base for the panels and controller. The pump supplies a number of tanks, approximately 1km away and with 50m static head. A pressure system and SunSwitch ensure that it operates properly all year round.

Effluent Disposal System for Aerated Wastewater System

Goulburn Water Systems recently installed this effluent management area to suit an Econocycle Aerated Wastewater Treatment System near Goulburn.

Pipe laid

Indexing valve

New Irrigation System for Goulburn Mulwaree Council at Belmore Park

100mm main with solenoiud valves
Goulburn Water Systems was pleased to be chosen by Goulburn Mulwaree Council to install a new irrigation system for Belmore Park. Discussions had taken place over several years regarding the cost savings available to council by utilising the water more efficiently and reducing the amount of physical labour involved.

Belmore Park is situated in the centre of the City of Goulburn on the site of the original market place. It is a prominent landmark and popular with residents and visitors alike. Featuring a number of beautiful monuments and ornaments including the Band Rotunda, gardens, fountain, glass house conservatory and war memorials. Most important of these is the treasured Lady Belmore Tree.

Pop ups in action at Belmore Park
Our brief was to supply a complete automatic lawn irrigation system using high quality and durable materials. Previously the park had been irrigated using a mix of hoses and sprinklers along with some older manual pop up systems.

The build utilised Hunter I20 Pop Up sprinklers with stainless steel risers and check valves, installed on articulated risers to allow adjustments for future topdressing and thatching. 50mm polypipe was used for most of the laterals, chosen for its durability, ease of repair (nothing stops a well driven tentpeg), and flexibility. Hunter ICV Solenoid Valves connect the 50mm laterals to a 100mm PVC Main. 1.5mm irrigation cable was run from the valves to a 24 station Hunter I Core irrigation controller, allowing the whole system to be programmed to run automatically.
The Plan

Construction began in July 2015 and was completed in August. Services were located using Signal Support Services Pty Ltd, and much of the trenching was done by Jet Hydro Excavations and Divalls Earthmoving using their Vacvator machines. Although the vacvator trenching was more expensive than traditional trenching, it ensured that no cables, pipes or valuable tree roots were cut.

Final adjustments
The Goulburn Water Systems team of Brendon, Anthony, Cameron and Jeremy did a marvellous job, working through snow, rain and mud in order to meet the tight deadlines. The job went off without a hitch was commissioned on September 1st. The jewell of Belmore Park will now shine even brighter, and visitors will be able to enjoy beautiful lawns all year.